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Administrative professional inspires the next generation to work in Milwaukee Public Schools

Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver has a special message for administrative professionals in the MPS Family. Click play to watch the video below.


Members of the Weins family seen at a recent gatheringAfter a nearly three-decade long career as a Milwaukee Public Schools administrative professional, Ana Lopez-Weins isn’t slowing down. She says when you love your job as much as she does you always look forward to coming to work.

“I’ve had so many wonderful experiences working in MPS,” said Lopez-Weins, whose career as an MPS administrative professional has given her opportunities to work with students and teachers in schools and district administration through her current role with the Department of School Safety & Security. “I’ve been able to do so many different things through my job in MPS that I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Lopez-Weins’ enthusiasm for her job and MPS made an impression on her stepdaughter Karina Petri. She began working as a secretary at Milwaukee High School of the Arts about two years ago. While Petri is seen in MHSA’s main office answering phones and interacting with students and parents, she recently took on data processing duties where she assists in building students’ class schedules. Petri also coaches track at MHSA and Pulaski High School.

Katrina Petri is an administrative professional at MHSAPetri says she has become more engaged in her career since her original role has led to new responsibilities. As an administrative professional, Petri recognizes she will be assigned many duties, which she embraces.

“What started out for me as some general roles has become so much more,” she said.

Administrative professionals often are tasked with an array of responsibilities from clerical jobs to managing office workflow. The contributions of secretaries, administrative support specialists and administrative, executive and planning assistants, in the success of MPS are being honored during Administrative Professionals Week, April 24-30. 

Petri, who is among MPS’ 370 administrative professionals, said her role offers opportunities to learn new skills, which can lead to professional advancement.

“Not only does MPS want its students to succeed, it also wants its employees to excel,” she said.

Lopez-Weins said she enjoyed working with students and teachers in schools over the years. She misses the daily smiles from children but knows her contributions continue to make a difference.

“I know the secretaries in the schools work very hard to help make each day run smoothly,” Lopez-Weins said. “Since I’ve worked so many roles, I’ve learned so many things and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

Photo - left: Members of the Weins family seen at a recent gathering. Pictured from the left are Karina Petri, Maria Lara, Ana Lopez-Weins and Marc Weins. Ana has been an administrative professional in Milwaukee Public Schools for nearly 30 years. Her stepdaughter Karina also is an administrative professional and has been at Milwaukee High School of the Arts for nearly two years. Petri's sister and father also work for MPS. Marie is paralegal in MPS’ Risk Management Department and Weins is a paraprofessional at Honey Creek School.   

Photo - right: Katria Petri at her desk at Milwaukee High School of the Arts.


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