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Library Media Services

MPS student readingThe Division of Library Media Services provides leadership in developing pre-K through grade 12 school library media programs to support student achievement.

School library programs ensure that students and teachers have access to media collections that include a variety of print, non-print, reference, and electronic resources.

Each MPS school media center tailors its collection to best serve its student body and supports the school curriculum to have a positive effect on student outcomes.

School library impact studies show that school libraries have a positive effect on student outcomes, as they teach 21st-century skills, promote active engagement and critical thinking, and develop independent learners.

Additionally, the Division of Library Media Services

  • uses technology to effectively and efficiently manage school library collections through the use of a centrally administered Destiny Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), a Web-based union catalog and inventory system of K-12 library collections in all schools;
  • supports student research 24/7 through student HOME access to OverDrive eBooks and digital content in the student toolbox — see your school library media specialist for access information;
  • integrates the Standards for 21st Century Learners  (AASL) with K-12 curricula and provides academic coaching to ensure that all students have the knowledge and preparation for success in the 21st century.

Library Media Licensure Programs

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