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Graduation Requirements

Pulaski High School GraduateNew MPS High School Graduation Requirements, Beginning with the Class of 2014–15

As you review your child’s schedule, check to make sure that he or she is starting on the right track, and continue to monitor his or her progress throughout the year.

An overall minimum of 22 units is required to graduate.

View Administrative Policy 7.37 to download a copy of these requirements.


  • 4.0 units: English/language arts
  • 3.0 units: Mathematics (courses at or above the algebra level)
  • 3.0 units: Science (content with laboratory studies in the life and physical sciences)
  • 3.0 units: Social studies as follows:
    • 1.0 unit of U.S. history
    • 1.0 unit of world history, world geography, or world studies
    • 1.0 unit of citizenship (grades 9-10) or
    • 0.5 unit of American government (grades 11-12) and 0.5 unit economics (grades 11-12)
  • 1.5 units: Physical education (over a 3-year period)
  • 0.5 unit: Health
  • 1.0 unit: Fine arts (art, music, dance, or theater)

High School GraduationElectives

  • 6.0 units: A variety of electives is available, often related to the focus of the school.

In addition to earning 22 units, students must successfully participate in one of the following three options:

  • Take and pass an approved online learning course (required or elective).
  • Complete 20 hours of community service approved by a school advisor.
  • Take a course (required or elective) that includes a service-learning experience.

IMPORTANT: Some high schools have additional requirements for specific programs or endorsements. Contact your local MPS high school.

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