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Potential Partnership at the Pulaski Campus

Potential PartnershipAs Milwaukee Public Schools continues to embrace the urgent need to improve high school students’ achievement and graduation rates, the district is bringing all possible resources to the table. One potential strategy in the work to increase achievement is a knowledge exchange partnership, creating one campus open to all Milwaukee students. This potential partnership would bring together two high schools to strengthen student achievement, school climate, and teaching and administrative practices. MPS has identified Pulaski and Carmen high schools, two schools that have assets to bring and needs that could be addressed.

Timeline and Scale

  • The potential partnership envisions two high schools of the same size, about 800 students, open to all Milwaukee students and housed within the Pulaski building (which has the capacity to serve 1600 students). The two schools would operate independently of one another but collaborate in areas identified through strategic planning.
  • Students, staff, families and stakeholders from both schools would collaborate throughout the 2015–16 school year to discuss potential elements of the partnership such as shared spaces, sports and extracurricular activities and the potential for students to take classes across the two schools. Each school would bring approximately 200 new freshman to the Pulaski campus in 2016–17.

Specific Investments in Pulaski High School

With waiting lists at International Baccalaureate (IB) high schools across the city, MPS is committed to exploring how it could deliver IB programming to students at Pulaski High School, which would remain a nonselective- admissions school. Both career and technical IB and the traditional academic IB would be explored.

  Assets Needs
  • Leadership and staff capacity
  • Automotive program considered the best in the city
  • Bilingual program
  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
  • Quality facilities
  • Improve academic achievement and graduation rates
  • Improve student attendance
  • Increase access to college-level programming (Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate)
  • Opportunity to share best practices
  • Proven success with students coming in below grade level
  • High AP participation/pass rate
  • Internship curriculum
  • College prep and advising
  • Advisories/Summer Bridge
  • Space to serve 400+ students on the 9th grade waiting list; the Milwaukee Board of School Directors approved additional seats for Carmen, effective 2016–17
  • Access to career and technical laboratory space
  • Opportunity to share best practices
  • Resources to grow arts and athletics


Interest form

We are seriously considering enrolling our student(s) in Pulaski High School as it explores International Baccalaureate programming (currently offered at Rufus King and Ronald Reagan high schools) and improved bilingual programming as part of a potential partnership with Carmen High School of Science and Technology currently before the Milwaukee Board of School Directors. The partnership would create a strong academic campus with two schools working together to improve student achievement, school climate and teaching/administrative practices.

Parent/guardian name(s)

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Grade level(s) of student(s)

Current school(s) of student(s)

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