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Transportation Regions

Transportation Region Maps for Elementary, K-8, K-12 and Middle Schools

These maps show the boundaries of the transportation regions for MPS’ elementary, K-8, middle and K-12 schools. Schools are included as reference points. Each school’s description will show transportation rules and how the regions may or may not apply for that school.

Contact Us

Phone: 414-475-8922
Fax: 414-475-8113

Business & Transportation Services Director:
David Solik-Fifarek
Office of School Administration

Business & Transportation Services Administrative Assistant:
Cynthia Apollo

Office Staff

Transportation Supervisor


Ryan Elbert


Transportation Assistants


Awilda Acevedo

Southwest Region


Kicia Scott

High Schools


Carla Knox

East Region


Stephanie Strong

Northwest Region


Lakita Wells

NIC/Partnership Schools, Athletics, Behavior Managment


Tracy Wright

Central Region




Wendy Cantoral-Argueta

Transportation Secretary


Nilda Velazquez

Transportation Secretary


Private Schools - Electronic List Submissions

Private School Planning Assistant III:
Katerica Johnson

Please email with any questions or concerns.

For document submission, please attach an electronic copy of your documents to the email, be sure to include the name of your school, and indicate pertinent return contact information.

Field Trip Instructions & Links

Please follow the links below to get detailed instructions on how to request a field trip, to enter a field trip request application, or for MPS bid pricing for the current school year.


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