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School Types

School Types

Student readingMilwaukee Public Schools offers a wide array of choices. We invite you to learn more about the types as you look for a school that best fits your family!

Neighborhood schools accept children from the area surrounding the school before enrolling children from other areas. Neighborhood schools accept students who live outside the neighborhood but within the school’s region, if seats are available. We recommend your neighborhood school, also known as an attendance-area school, as your first choice.

Neighborhood Specialty schools offer special programs or areas of study, such as the arts or math/science programming. These schools enroll students first from the neighborhood, then from the entire city if seats are available.

Specialty SchoolsCitywide Specialty schools offer special programs or areas of study, such as the arts, International Baccalaureate, gifted and talented, Montessori or language immersion programming. Some Citywide Specialty schools offer preferences for students living within the school’s neighborhood/attendance area. Ask the individual schools for more information.

Comprehensive middle schools and comprehensive high schools offer a wide variety of academic and extracurricular programming to serve their diverse student populations. These schools have attendance areas, but also accept students who live outside those areas and are interested in the programs each school offers.

Engaging curriculumTraditional schools offer a comprehensive academic curriculum with a full compliment of programming. Schools offer a solid, robust curriculum focused on building student competencies in core academic areas while also providing engaging extracurricular activities, resulting in a well-rounded, complete educational experience.

Charter schools are MPS schools which operate more independently than other schools within the MPS family. Some charter schools have their own enrollment process.

Alternative schools offer a path to success for students outside of a traditional school setting.

Partnership schools offer educational options for students identified as being at-risk of dropping out or those who are experiencing difficulty in a traditional school setting.

Contracted agency schools are operated by community partners to provide Head Start, kindergarten and limited elementary services.

MPS Head Start is offered at a variety of MPS schools and other sites throughout the city. Children must be 3- or 4-years-old on or before September 1 to qualify.

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