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Three Choice Enrollment

Three Choice Enrollment

Find your future MPS Families who are new to MPS or whose children are changing schools should participate in Three-Choice Enrollment, which offers the best opportunity for your child to be enrolled in your first-choice school. When families register during Three-Choice Enrollment, they will identify their top three school choices for their child; more than 90 percent of students are enrolled in their first-choice school. Some charter and partnership schools require students to enroll through the individual school. These enrollment policies are listed on the school’s information page at

To Complete Your Enrollment

You may complete your enrollment application online or in person.

  • Online – Visit the MPS district website and enroll online at
  • In Person – You may enroll at any MPS school. This does not improve your chances of getting your first-choice school. You may also visit the District Enrollment Center at MPS Central Services. The Enrollment Center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Head Start Enrollment

Enrollment is also open for the MPS Head Start program that provides parental, educational, medical, nutritional, psychological and social support to help children consistently succeed.

Families must qualify for Head Start based on income and other variables. Find out more about the MPS Head Start program or call the Head Start Office at (414) 777-7850.

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