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Schools Offering Bilingual Education

Smiling studentOnly in Milwaukee Public Schools


  • Students listen, speak, read, and write in English/Spanish.
  • Certified teachers use bilingual curriculum and materials.
  • Students cultivate language and culture.
  • Developmental bilingual programs for Spanish-speaking students and dual immersion programs are available for all students.

Schools offering bilingual programming

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We provide and support

  • approximately 7,100 English-language learners speaking 50 distinct languages,
  • 13,500 students in world languages programs from K4 to grade 12 learning 7 different languages,
  • 41 schools offering bilingual and/or ESL programs across the district,
  • adult ESL classes in five Bilingual Parent Centers across the district, and
  • the District Multilingual Multicultural Advisory Committee, which serves in an advisory capacity to the Milwaukee Public Schools on language acquisition and culturally relevant programs.


Phone: 414-475-8763

Director on Special Assignment, Bilingual Multicultural Education:

Dr. Juan A. Baez

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