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About MPS Enroll Online. Anytime.

Until Three-Choice opens, you may enroll online for the current school year, but not for the next school year. Enroll online, or at the MPS school of your choice. You can also enroll at any MPS District Parent Resource Center.

Three Choice enrollment for 2015-16 will be held February 2-20, 2015.

Enroll Online. Anytime.

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All-School Enrollment Fair

All-School Enrollment Fair

Learn about great school options in MPS! Visit with staff from every school. Families attending the enrollment fair will be able to complete their applications on site and EARLY, prior to beginning of Three-Choice official start on February 2. Discover the schools in Milwaukee neighborhoods that provide a great education — only in MPS.

Why MPS?

Why MPS?

Our schools feature strong curriculum — tied to the rigorous Common Core State Standards — that prepares students to succeed in college and careers. MPS is home to the nation’s largest concentration of students participating in the Project Lead the Way, which uses hands-on learning opportunities to expose students to engineering, math, science and technology in middle and high school. MPS also boasts the nation’s largest number of public Montessori schools — many of which lead the district in test score averages.

How to Select a School

Consider your neighborhood school first! MPS neighborhood schools feature strong curriculum tied to the rigorous Common Core State Standards. Many of our neighborhood schools also offer access to specialty coursework. Once you’ve found your neighborhood school, you can learn more about school hours, leadership, programs and performance! In addition to neighborhood schools, Milwaukee Public Schools offers a variety of high-performing, popular specialty schools, ranging from schools focused on the arts to bilingual education, Career and Technical Education (CTE), gifted and talented programming, full language immersion, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and college preparatory programs. MPS is also home to the nation’s largest number of public Montessori schools.

How to Apply

Find the school or schools that are right for you and your child. You can use this site to find a school by name, by grade level, by location or by specialty/program. The advanced search allows you to find a school by grade and by program(s) at the same time. Families have preferred access to their neighborhood schools and to neighborhood specialty schools near their homes. Fill out a fall application at any MPS school, any MPS District Parent Resource Center (at North Division, South Division and Washington high schools) or online! You will be asked to select up to three schools for your child and you can check transportation eligibility using the online application.

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