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Tutoring for You

MPS is committed to fostering student success by providing supports and ensuring that students have ample opportunities to improve their academic achievement. This aligns with the district's initiative to have all students reading on grade level by third grade. With this goal in mind, MPS is pleased to inform you that Tutoring for You (T4U) services will be provided during the 2016-17 school year.

In collaboration with the Office of Academics, Office of Innovation and Information, and the Department of Student Performance and Improvement, students from select grades at district-targeted schools will be invited to participate in MPS's T4U. Tutoring will be available to students for one hour per session, two sessions per week, for a total of 40 hours of tutoring support over the course of the school year. The class size ratio for tutoring sessions is one adult to a maximum of three students (1:3). Each student takes a pre-assessment, and an individualized learning plan is developed that is data-driven.

Elementary Programs

Genii Learning Services

  • Participating schools: Carson, Hi-Mount, Kagel, Metcalfe, Thoreau
  • All grades are eligible; priority is given to 2nd and 3rd grade students.
  • Genii will provide students with 40 hours of academic support in reading. Tutoring will take place after school for one hour per session, two or three days a week. In addition, the class size ratio for tutoring services will be one adult to a maximum of three students. Students will be grouped by grade level and goals. The student learning plan will be developed by the school with parental and student input. Tutors must be highly qualified in the subject area they will be teaching.


  • Participating schools: Barbee, Barton, Bethune, Brown, Bruce, Clarke, Daniels, Engleburg, Hawthorne, Hopkins-Lloyd, Keefe, Kilbourn, King Jr., LaFollette, Lancaster, MacDowell, MACL, Pierce, Sherman, Townsend, WCLL, Westside
  • Only 2nd and 3rd grade students are eligible.
  • Studentnest is a personalized approach to learning. Each student begins the program by completing an online assessment. The results of the assessment are then used to create a personalized learning plan for the student.
  • The in-home tutoring services provided to each student will consist of 40 hours of academic support in reading. Tutoring sessions will take place online after school for one hour per session, two days a week. Tutoring session dates and times are determined by family schedules and availability.
  • Computers and Internet access will be provided for each participating student to complete the required hours. The computers will allow access only to the online tutoring program until the 40 hours are completed. Once the child completes the required amount of time, the company will unlock the computer and it is given to the family. However, it will be necessary for each family to secure an Internet service provider.



Extended Learning Opportunities Manager II:
Sandra Schroeder

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