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Adventures in the Arts

MPS is teaming up with Arts@Large, Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and the Milwaukee Repertory Theater to offer dance, theater, music and visual arts adventures for every student this summer.

student paintingArts @ Large will provide an arts-integrated summer school program for students in K5–8th grade by using a collaborative teaching model with classroom teachers, which aligns with grade appropriate units. The K5–6th grade students will be engaged through the arts with a STEAM focused model in which they will explore elements of earth and life science. Students in grades 7 and 8 will explore the theme of Social Justice with a connection to the 50th anniversary of the fair housing marches through a variety of art forms. Each grade will receive 50 minutes of arts integrated instruction, Monday through Thursday, for the duration of summer school.

Locations for Arts @ Large:

  • Gaenslen, Kluge, Longfellow and Sherman (King Jr. and Lancaster - P.M. only)

Theater ArtsMilwaukee Repertory Theater will provide arts-integrated curriculum during the summer months in partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools Summer Academy. A teaching artist will visit classrooms at each site for one hour each day during the dates listed below. Activities will focus on delivering age-appropriate reading objectives through theater. Activities are also designed for students to directly engage in social and emotional learning.

Locations for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater:

  • Bethune: July 24–28 (M–F)                                           
  • Clement: July 24–28 (M–F)                                          
  • Cooper: June 28–30 (W–F); July 5–7 (W–F)
  • Elm: June 28–30 (W–F); July 5–7 (W–F)
  • Fifty Third St.: July 10–14 (M–F)
  • Goodrich: July 17–20 (M–Th)
  • King Jr.: July 17–21 (M–F)
  • Zablocki: June 28–30 (W–F); July 5–7 (W–F)

musicThe Wisconsin Conservatory of Music Conservatory Connections program brings the joy of music-making to people of all ages and abilities — from early childhood to lifelong learners, and beginners to advanced students. Programs may include music exploration, recorder playing, bucket drumming and choir singing.

Locations for the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music:

  • Clement: July 24–28 (M–F)      
  • Elm: July 10–14 (M–F) 
  • Greenfield: July 5-7 (W-F)          
  • IDEAL: July 10–14 (M–F)
  • MacDowell Montessori: June 28–30 (W–F); July 5–7 (W–F)              
  • MACL: June 28–30 (W–F); July 5–7 (W–F)
  • Rogers: July 17-21 (M-F)
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