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sandwich-making service-learning project"Surely the end of all education is service to others." Cesar E. Chavez


Serving a meal at a homeless shelter is service.

Studying homelessness during the Great Depression is learning.

When students research homelessness in their own community, connect with a local homeless shelter, and use their math, social studies, health, and language arts skills to plan, prepare, serve, and share a meal with shelter residents, that's service-learning.

Service-learning is a way to teach and learn that connects classroom studies with the care and concern students naturally have for their world.

Through investigation, planning, reflection, and youth-led action, students join with community partners to solve problems and make things better in their schools, their neighborhoods, and around the world.

In the process they master valuable 21st-century skills and global competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, recognizing perspectives, collaboration, and taking action.

Many MPS high schools offer courses that incorporate service-learning. Participating in a course that involves service-learning is one way high school students can meet the new 2015 graduation requirements.

Service-learning students ask:

  • What are the needs in our local and global communities?
  • How can we use what we are learning in class to meet those needs and make something better?


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Community Service/Service-Learning Mentor:
Sarah Kubetz
Office of Academics

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Discover how  service-learning is helping students across America to perform better in school while improving their communities through service.

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Graduation Requirements

Learn more about the high school graduation requirements, which are new for students starting with the graduating class of 2015 in Milwaukee Public Schools. There is an overall minimum of 22 units required to graduate.

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