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Science at Home

Below are resources for parents and students to have fun with science at home:

  • How Stuff Works 
    A source for clear, reliable explanations of how everything around us actually works.
  • Brain POP™
    Educational animated movies for K-12 created to help explain concepts and to demystify math, science, health, technology, and English topics in an entertaining way for both children and adults. 
  • Kids Design Network
    Investigate a challenge, dream up a design, and draw your plans on the computer. Then, using the Internet, you can show your design to a real engineer! Best of all it’s free!
  • NASA
    Enter the NASA portal to explore the many facets of NASA. Learn the latest in space news; find math, science, and technology activities for home or the classroom; shoot a cannonball into orbit; or design your own mission to Mars. It’s all just a few clicks away.
  • Sid the Science Kid – PBS KIDS
    Watch videos, sing songs, and play games with Sid while you explore preschool science.
  • Science for Kids (Grades K-5)
    Inventors and Scientists. Find out who is behind some of the most well-known scientific discoveries in this country.
  • Science Games (PBS KIDS)
    Learn about science and play games with your favorite PBS KIDS characters like Sid the Science Kid, Dinosaur Train and the Cat in the Hat!
  • Discovery Education (Discovery Education Science)


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Phone: 414-475-8153
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Lena M. Patton, Director of STEM
Phone: 414-475-8513
Fax: 414-475-8153


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