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STEM Fair Project Registration

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Please read all information carefully before entering project information in the form below.

Schools should use the form below to communicate the information for each of their STEM Fair projects. The form needs to be filled out ONCE FOR EACH PROJECT. You will need to know all of the participating students' names, grade levels, and T-shirt sizes before submitting.

REMINDER: There is a limit of FIVE projects per grade band (K-5, 6-8, 9-12). See the STEM Fair Project Guidelines  document (in the Resources  section of the STEM Fair page) for more details.

In cases where there is more than one student who will be representing a project (grades K-2 classroom projects, grades 3-5 science projects, or engineering design projects ONLY), please include the student's names that will be representing the project at the fair as STUDENT 1 and STUDENT 2.  Additional students who worked on grades 3-12 engineering design projects should be included as STUDENTS 3, 4, and 5, if needed.

For students in grades 6-12, only one student name should be entered per science (not engineering) project per the STEM Fair guidelines. 

Please be sure that you are entering correct information! NO CHANGES can be made after the March 2 deadline. You will receive your list of participating students prior to the STEM Fair for planning purposes (permission slips, media releases, bus list, etc).

Thank you for all you do for our students! Please contact Lisa Martin, MPS science teacher leader, at or 414-777-7831 for any questions relating to the MPS STEM Fair or student projects.

** Fill out the form below for each project you will be bringing to the STEM Fair (see project guidelines on main STEM Fair page to determine how many projects your school can bring).  Please double-check student names and project names for spelling, capital letters (first letter of names only - NOT all caps), and correctness.  All printed materials (nametags, spreadsheets, media release, etc.) use this information as submitted.  Thank you!

School Name:

Grade Band of Project:

Type of Project:

Project Title:

Does this project need a Spanish-speaking judge?

Student 1 Name:

Student 1 Grade:

Student 1 T-Shirt Size:

Student 2 Name (type NONE in the box if there is only one student for this project):

Student 2 Grade:

Student 2 T-Shirt Size:

Please fill out the information below for Students 3, 4, and 5 ONLY if this is an Engineering Design Project. Otherwise, please click SUBMIT below the form  if the information for this project is complete.

Student 3 Name:

Student 3 Grade:

Student 3 T-Shirt Size:

Student 4 Name:

Student 4 Grade:

Student 4 T-Shirt Size:

Student 5 Name:

Student 5 Grade:

Student 5 T-Shirt Size:


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