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Wisconsin Literacy StandardsMission Statement

The mission of the MPS Comprehensive Literacy Plan is to educate all students to proficiency and beyond in order to prepare them for success in higher education, careers, and responsible citizenship through the following goals:

  • Rigorous, relevant, and aligned curriculum
  • Research-based instructional practices
  • A common, high-quality, balanced assessment system
  • A tiered system of support for all students


The MPS Comprehensive Literacy Plan guarantees high quality literacy instruction and learning in every classroom, every day, for every student, including students with special education needs. MPS students LOVE to learn! 

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What is the Comprehensive Literacy Plan?

The Comprehensive Literacy Plan or CLP, is a framework for teaching best literacy practices in English Language Arts for reading, writing, language, speaking, and listening.

Do all teachers have to teach the Comprehensive Literacy Plan?

It is recommended that all teachers follow the best practice frameworks that are outlined in the plan.  The plan fits nicely with many different approaches and is flexible to accommodate a variety of teaching and learning styles.

What does the Comprehensive Literacy Plan mean for my child?

The Comprehensive Literacy Plan ensures that all students are receiving high quality instruction to support their academic growth in literacy.  The plan guarantees that teachers plan for multi-layers of support based on individual student need. 

Where can I find out more information about the Comprehensive Literacy Plan?

There is detailed information by grade level on the MPS website, including a copy of the plan.  Additional resources can be accessed on the MPS website, iBooks (download CLP for iBooks), or contact your child's teacher.  The classroom teacher is able to provide further information and resources if requested. 


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Reading Lists

Our reading experts recommended great summertime books for students entering each grade level. Each grade level even has its own board on Pinterest with a variety of books for you to choose from. Each book cover image links to where you can reserve them from the Milwaukee Public Library!


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