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Grade 3 Habitats

Planet Earth Learning JourneyAll Milwaukee Public Schools third grade students will visit the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) for their Learning Journey. The purpose of this Learning Journey is to provide students with visual representations of local ecosystems and habitats as part of their science curriculum. Teachers and chaperones will lead a self-guided tour through the Wisconsin Woodlands  exhibit and explore other North American natural environments. Students will also view a planetarium show and are given the opportunity to explore the walk-through diorama Streets of Old Milwaukee, a visual representation of local/Midwest and Milwaukee history and culture.

Visitation Date

Schools will be scheduled for a specific date. Date assignments will be sent directly to school principals via Smartsheet for confirmation prior to the Learning Journey. This Learning Journey takes place Mondays through Fridays from October through April.

Students per Visitation Day

Prior to arrival at the museum, students should be organized by classroom. It is the teacher's responsibility to have adult chaperones for each group. Teachers should bring an itinerary with their class's Learning Journey schedule.

Length of Visit

All programing is scheduled to start by 9:30 a.m. (10:30 a.m. for late schools). All schools should plan to eat lunch on the premises. Lunches and outerwear will be collected and securely stored on the premises. Buses are scheduled for departure from the museum at 1:30 p.m. (2:00 p.m. late schools). Note: Plan accordingly for an approximately 30-minute bus ride.

Cost to Schools

This Learning Journey is provided free to all MPS third grade students. Student admission costs and programming as well as teacher and chaperone admissions will be paid by MPS Central Services. Transportation will be paid for and arranged on the schools' behalf by MPS Central Services. Transportation details will be sent to teachers and principals via Smartsheet. Schools cannot charge students for busing.

Bus Information

Transportation will be arranged and paid for by MPS Central Services on the schools' behalf. Schools cannot charge students for busing. Transportation details will be sent to teachers and principals via Smartsheet. Questions regarding transportation or requests for special accommodations, such as wheelchair or walker needs, should be directed to Mary Grant, CAO planning assistant, at

School Responsibility

All students are expected to participate. Teachers will need to obtain field trip permission slips for this Learning Journey. Teachers are expected to use all curriculum materials in preparation for their Learning Journey. 

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Michelle Wade
Social Studies Manager
Phone: 414-475-8090

Mary E. Grant
CAO Planning Assistant III/Learning Journeys
Phone: 414-475-8614

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