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Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys are high-impact educational experiences custom designed for MPS students to connect classroom instruction with real-world learning opportunities. Students attend Learning Journeys throughout Southeastern Wisconsin at the finest historic and living museums, scientific venues, and educational simulation centers. These hands-on learning experiences take students beyond their neighborhoods in order to develop applicable knowledge based on exposure, K3-grade 3; experience, grades 4-8; and exploration, grades 9-12.

The district's ongoing development of high-impact, community-based experiences is specific to each K-grade 8 standards and core curricula. Prior to each Learning Journey, teachers are provided with pre- and post-instructional materials in order for students to fully benefit from the Learning Journey and apply what they learned after participating in the experience. Each externally sponsored Learning Journey promises not only to help extend and improve classroom learning but also ensure that every MPS student is provided with a diverse set of experiences upon completion of eighth grade.

All Learning Journeys are provided to MPS students free of charge. Transportation is arranged by the Learning Journeys planning assistant and paid for on behalf of schools by MPS Central Services. All schools are expected to participate, and all students are expected to participate regardless of classroom, academic, or personal performance.

Teachers - visit mConnect for teacher guides and additional Learning Journeys resources.

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2017-18 Learning Journeys

K5 Oak Ridge Farm

This Learning Journey takes students through Oak Ridge Farm for a hands-on experience with farm life. Students learn how the farm is important to them and the community. Students also learn which goods and products come from the farm as well as how they are produced.

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Grade 1 Snackin' on Plants

Students will be led through a firsthand experience with plants at Boerner Botanical Gardens, where they will discover that the foods they eat every day are actually different parts of plants!

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Grade 3 Planet Earth

Students travel back in time 4.6 billion years to when the Earth was beginning to be formed. This Learning Journey, which takes place at the Milwaukee Public Museum, extends students’ knowledge of the solar system and history of the planet Earth.

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Grade 4 Energy Around Us

Students will explore the invisible energy around us and the Les Paul House of Sound exhibit to learn about the history and innovations of Waukesha native, Les Paul. Students will also explore properties of light and how different forms of energy may be transferred between objects.

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Grade 5 BizTown

At Junior Achievement’s BizTown, students experience life as an adult when they apply knowledge they have learned in class to participate in an interactive, simulated town where they will operate one of 15 businesses. This experience will enhance their understanding of free enterprise and increase their knowledge of how the local economy works.

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Grade 8 Finance Park

At Junior Achievement’s Finance Park, students have the opportunity to learn financial literacy in banking, budgeting, credit, taxes, and careers. Students are assigned a life scenario and then must manage their finances and construct a workable household budget.

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