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Things to Know about J-Term

J-Term is a four-week noncompulsory educational and experiential program offering for MPS elementary, middle, and high school students in K5–grade 12 on the early start calendar that is launching in June 2018. Download this flyer for exact times and locations.

J-Term classes will allow students to

  • complete course(s) for credit recovery or acceleration,
  • participate in internships,
  • build proficiency in key skill areas,
  • stay on track for graduation.

Students taking J-Term classes have the benefits of small class sizes, more interaction with teachers, and the ability to complete a course or courses in a shorter time with fewer distractions. In condensed classes, students will be able to explore a variety of subjects, discover new interests, and test their creativity through classes held at various school campuses across the district.

During J-Term,

  • students will have more time to learn, resulting in more students graduating on time, fewer students repeating grades or classes, and more time for students to prepare for tests, including those that result in college credit;
  • students will have a safe learning environment in kindergarten through high school;
  • partner organizations will have additional time to mentor students within a structured school environment, and students will have a clearly defined internship/service period.


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