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Department of Innovation

The Innovation Department researches, promotes, and fosters innovative educational programs and practices designed to accelerate student achievement and prepare students for college.

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Our work

GE Schools Grant

The GE Schools Grant Supports Milwaukee Public Schools to implement the Common Core State Standards and help students in achieving educational best practices.

Personalized Learning

A personalized learning environment enables students to choose their own learning path based on their individualized learner profile, which is reflective of their current academic performance and their unique gifts, skills, passions and attributes. Students are empowered to monitor and assess their own progress based on standards and use the various technological tools to engage in purposeful learning.


Seven MPS high schools offer courses through Telepresence. Students are studying AP Spanish Language, AP Calculus, AP World History, AP Macro and Microeconomics, AP Statistics, and APGovernment with classmates at other high schools in the district through daily videoconference.

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