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Home and Hospital

The MPS Home and Hospital Instruction Program services are available for any child residing in a hospital or another setting that is being considered a “child’s home” located in Milwaukee. Home and Hospital Instruction Program services are designed for Milwaukee residents enrolled in MPS public schools. Students confined to a hospital in the city may also be served if the parent/guardian enrolls the student in an MPS public school. Students who are confined to their home or a hospital because of illness for an extended period may be eligible for consideration for the Home and Hospital Instruction Program. The Home and Hospital Instruction Program is an education option that is intended primarily as a temporary service while the student is unable to physically attend a school building.

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  Who is eligible for Home and Hospital services?

The student’s illness must be verified by a medical physician for a medical condition and by a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist for a psychological condition. Eligibility for MPS Home and Hospital Instruction Program services is based on the review and recommendation of a school-based team for students without disabilities and an IEP or 504 team for students with disabilities.

  Are students who are pregnant eligible for Home and Hospital services?

Students who are pregnant may be eligible for services if they have documented complications with the pregnancy and these complications do not allow them to attend an alternative school setting or school building. School-age parents/guardians who are documented as being the sole caregiver of a child with an illness may be considered for the program as well.

  How can Home and Hospital services be requested?

To initiate a request for services, the "Request for Home and Hospital Instruction Program Form" must be completed. Medical professionals, parents/guardians, or school personnel may complete the request form. Request forms may be obtained by contacting the building-based school psychologist, special services supervisor, or school social worker or the Home and Hospital Instruction Program supervisor.



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