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Community Service

Community service is a Milwaukee Public Schools graduation requirement option.

Why community service?

Students who participate in thoughtfully designed community service experiences are more likely to do well in school, graduate, vote, and become responsible citizens.

When young people use their talents and skills to help others and better their communities, they also help themselves. Youth volunteers can increase self-confidence, learn new skills, explore career options, build a resume, support causes they care about, meet new people, and have fun!

Ask for help

students teaching computer skills to older adultsFulfilling the community service option for graduation takes a lot of initiative, hard work, and discipline. It may be helpful to share this information with your parent/guardian(s) and ask for their ideas and help. You might even want to suggest that your community service be a family venture. Your parents or another adult friend or mentor may be able to help you to

  • choose a project that matches your interests or hobbies,
  • check to make sure that the site you are considering is safe and able to accommodate you,
  • fill out any required paperwork, or
  • provide transportation, if necessary.
What qualifies as community service?

Community service is a donated service or activity that is performed by an individual or group to meet the needs of others and to better the community. In order to meet the MPS graduation requirement, the following must occur:

  • Service must be completed through a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or local government agency (for example, school district, library, police department) or another MPS-approved community service experience.
  • Service must be completed under the supervision of an adult at the agency.
  • You cannot be paid for your service.
  • Service may not be part of a criminal justice sanction.
  • Any service hours completed at school must take place OUTSIDE of academic class time.
  • A minimum of 20 hours of service must be completed over the course of one semester.

You may complete community service projects on your own or with a group of friends as long as each student completes the required number of hours and submits his or her own proposal, tracking form, evaluation, and reflection.

Download Community Service Student Guide.

What are the community service graduation requirement components?


Your advisor is a school staff member who agrees to support you throughout your community service experience. You will submit the required community service project components to this advisor.


Your proposal is a general outline of what you plan to do. It’s not necessary for your proposal to describe exactly what you will eventually do.

Tracking form

You will use this to keep track of service dates, hours, and tasks you complete.

Final evaluation

This is the form you and your site coordinator(s) will use to evaluate your level of professionalism. This should be done at each placement where you complete at least five volunteer hours.

Final reflection

This essay describes your community service and what you learned about yourself and others.


What is the suggested timeline for completing the community service graduation requirement option?

Community service hours and activities may be completed during any one semester of high school.

Suggested time frame

Within the first 4 weeks of the semester: Connect with your community service advisor.

Within the first 6 weeks of the semester: Submit your proposal to your advisor.

After your proposal is approved: Update your tracking form to record your service dates and hours.

At least once during your service: Meet with your advisor to make sure you’re on track.

After your service is completed: Complete the final evaluation form and write your final reflection.

At least one week before the end of the semester: Upload final documents to Career Cruising and submit the project components listed above to your advisor.

Once all forms are submitted: Advisors verify that all requirements have been met, sign the tracking form, and submit all community service documents to your school’s guidance office.

Download Community Service Student Guide.

Who are community service advisors at my school?

Assata High School

  • Ms. Kloth
  • Ms. Pritchett

Audubon High School

  • Ms. Ambrosh
  • Ms. Chavez
  • Mr. Coffey
  • Mr. Comaris
  • Ms. Downing
  • Mr. Dragan
  • Mr. Fredricks
  • Ms. Kaphaem
  • Ms. Kierzek
  • Mr. Lazzari
  • Mr. Liebold
  • Ms. Machi
  • Ms. Mital
  • Ms. Moss
  • Mr. Nichols
  • Mr. Piontek
  • Ms. Schorenberg
  • Ms. Vail
  • Ms. Vannoy
  • Ms. Zuniga

Bay View High School

  • Ms. Okray

Bradley Technology and Trade

  • Ms. Heebsch
  • Ms. Johnson
  • Mr. Kowalski
  • Ms. Obligato
  • Ms. Todd-Hopson

Community High School

  • Mr. Harvill

Groppi High School

  • Ms. Green
  • Ms. Hayes
  • Ms. Thimke

Hamilton High School

  • Ms. Kovacevic
  • Mr. Scheuer

MacDowell Montessori

  • Mr. Beermann
  • Mr. Eide
  • Mr. Ford
  • Ms. Geiger
  • Mr. Jimenez
  • Mr. Johnston
  • Mr. Lippert
  • Mr. Lopresti
  • Ms. Schenk
  • Ms. Washington

Madison Academic High School

  • Ms. Burks
  • Ms. Byrd
  • Ms. Makowski

Marshall High School

  • Ms. Cunningham
  • Ms. Thumann

Meir School

  • Mr. Nelsen

Milwaukee High School of the Arts

  • Mr. Bruss
  • Ms. Craine
  • Mr. Drews
  • Ms. Hoelzer
  • Ms. Marten
  • Mr. Nagle
  • Mr. Roberts
  • Ms. Wood

Milwaukee School of Languages

  • Mr. Monroe
  • Ms. Smith

New School for Community Service

  • Mr. Bull
  • Mr. Crandall
  • Ms. Crandall Jacobs
  • Mr. Cusma
  • Ms. Fernandez
  • Mr. Hein
  • Ms. Nicholson
  • Ms. Perez
  • Mr. Rosales
  • Mr. Soiney
  • Mr. Velasquez
  • Ms. Zilisch
  • Mr. Zimmerman

North Division High School

  • Mr. Bly
  • Ms. Bradford
  • Ms. Bronikowski
  • Mr. Graham
  • Mr. Ibarra
  • Ms. Washington

Obama School for Career and Technical Education

  • Mr. Enters

Project STAY

  • Ms. Chavez

Pulaski High School

  • Mr. Castellon
  • Ms. Clayvon
  • Ms. Davis
  • Ms. Harris
  • Mr. Vele
  • Mr. Wilson

Reagan High School

  • Ms. Dubey

Riverside High School

  • Ms. Kiblawi
  • Mr. Kroog

Rufus King International High School

  • Ms. Frias
  • Ms. Hagen
  • Mr. Nichols
  • Mr. Schaefer
  • Ms. Schilling
  • Ms. Stoychoff
  • Mr. Wagner

South Division High School

  • Ms. Michalski

St. Charles

  • Ms. Bethley
  • Ms. Glumm
  • Mr. Knox
  • Mr. Kuhn

Transition High School

  • Ms. Crosby

Vincent High School

  • Mr. Brigham
  • Mr. Cheatham
  • Mr. Dantzler
  • Ms. Gohr
  • Mr. Hladilek
  • Ms. Johnson
  • Ms. Kavanagh
  • Ms. Marschke
  • Mr. Vincent
  • Ms. Weeks
  • Ms. Zealley

Washington High School of Information Technology

  • Ms. Blue
  • Mr. Dinsmore
  • Mr. Riley

Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning

  • Ms. Hodkiewicz
  • Ms. Russell
  • Mr. Smith
  • Ms. Wardlow


Phone: 414-773-9891


Community Service/Service-Learning Mentor: Sarah Kubetz

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