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Scholarships are a type of financial aid that you do not have to pay back. They are usually won through a competitive process. They can be applied to college-related expenses only. To the side is a helpful guide to scholarships due in the current month and links to their applications.

See below for resources for local scholarships and instructions on how to access them through Career Cruising.

Local Scholarships

You can access local scholarships through your Career Cruising account! Here is how:

  1. Go to the Milwaukee Public Schools website (
  2. Hover over the Students  tab.
  3. Under Tools, click Student Toolbox, which will redirect to
  4. Log into Clever to access student applications and tools.
  5. Select Career Cruising  and log in with your student ID number. Your username is the prefix "MKE-" followed by your student ID; for example, MKE-1234567. Your password for your first log-in is your birthdate in mm/dd/yy form; for example, for August 25, 2002, enter as "08/25/02."
  6. Once in Career Cruising, under Suggested Links  on the left side, click Local Scholarship Applications—Apply Today!  or click the Financial Aid  tab at the top and select Local Scholarships.
  7. Select scholarships that are of interest for detailed information.
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