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College & Career Readiness

The Department of College & Career Readiness works to overcome the barriers that students face. Students need "whole child" support to become aware of the pathways to their careers of interest, they must be academically ready to follow those pathways, and they must be prepared with the life skills needed to navigate their chosen pathway. The Department of College & Career Readiness coordinates available resources, including community organizations and postsecondary institutions, to support MPS faculty, families, and students in fostering a college‐going culture. This department includes College & Career Planning, Career & Technical Education, Extended Learning Opportunities, and School Counseling & Academic Planning.


Phone: 414-475-8611

Director of College & Career Readiness:
Dr. John Hill
Office of Academics 

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Graduation Requirements

Learn more about the high school graduation requirements, which are new for students starting with the graduating class of 2015 in Milwaukee Public Schools. There is an overall minimum of 22 units required to graduate.

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