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GEDO #2, Competency-Based Curriculum, and Credit Recovery

General Educational Development Program (GEDO #2)

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction authorizes Milwaukee Public Schools, and other districts, to operate school-based GED Option #2 (GEDO #2) programs. Certain requirements (such as a ninth grade reading level) need to be met for enrollment. Students must be 17 years old and in their fourth year of high school or 18 and a full year in credits behind their senior peers to apply. Participation in the program is voluntary.

Students receive instruction that prepares them for successful completion of standardized GED content exams to earn a regular high school diploma. Instruction is also provided in the area of employability skills and financial literacy. Content area preparation is delivered through a blended model of online curriculum with differentiated support from licensed teachers based on results from approved GED practice tests. Requirements for program completion are presented during an intake meeting that includes a review of a student’s transcript.  Students who meet all requirements of the program are welcome to participate in graduation ceremonies. Milwaukee Public Schools partners with the Wisconsin Challenge Academy to provide opportunities for graduation for students who meet the requirements of the GEDO #2 program.

Competency-Based Curriculum

MPS provides a competency-based option for students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for GEDO #2. This approach is personalized, offering high school students an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency through a path that is specific to individual student needs. Transcripts are reviewed to determine which academic requirements have previously been met. Students are required to have an 85% attendance rate and meet a minimum of 15 hours of face-to-face instructions per week. The goal is for a student to graduate with a traditional high school diploma. Students and parents must participate in an intake meeting in which the requirements of the program are explained. Parental consent is mandatory for entrance into the program.

Credit Recovery

The Edgenuity program uses an online curriculum that aligns to MPS expectations regarding curriculum and rigor. The Edgenuity program provides individually paced lessons for which students can “test out” by demonstrating mastery. Students can work on Edgenuity coursework outside school but are required to attend school for blended learning support. Schools offer students to take two courses at a time (up to one full credit) and allow students to take additional courses if time allows. Students, parents, and teachers can monitor their progress toward completion using the resource tools available online. When courses are completed, grades are updated to reflect student proficiency. Most MPS high schools offer this program to assist students with on-time graduation. The program times/offerings vary by site. Please contact your home school for more information.


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