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Restorative Practices

Restorative practices (RP) focuses on creating strong relationships. This is the starting point for healthy communities. RP promotes a high level of responsibility and support to create safe, fair schools. RP uses a range of practices for building community and fixing broken relationships. These practices include:

  • restorative language
  • one-on-one restorative conversations
  • community-building circles
  • repairing harm circles
  • community conferences


Principles of Restorative Practices

The following values are important for creating a restorative setting:

  • Building relationships creates healthy communities.
  • Repairing harm from conflicts improves relationships.
  • Focus is on each individual's needs.
  • All voices are heard and valued.
  • Shared problem solving is used.
  • People do things with others instead of to or for them.


More Information

For more information on restorative practices in Milwaukee Public Schools, please contact:

Drew deLutio
Restorative Practices Coordinator
Violence Prevention Program


For Parents

Restorative Parenting


Violence Prevention Office

6620 W. Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53216


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