UPDATE: Important message for MPS families whose children take MCTS for summer programs.

In light of the potential for further disruption due to the MCTS job action, yellow-bus transportation will be available for students who have been using the transit system to get to summer school programs. The service will begin Monday, July 6 and run through Friday, July 10 — or longer if needed. Please look for a postcard this weekend with information on your child’s bus stop. Your child’s summer school can also let you know the location of your child’s bus stop. Read more.

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Violence Prevention Program

The Violence Prevention Program (VPP), established in 1988, is a team of  school psychologists, school social workers, school counselors, and teachers who support the students, staff, and schools of Milwaukee Public Schools.  In order to do that, we utilize the following programs and practices.  The links below provide more information about the programs, as well as links for parents to learn more.

The VPP team is available to talk with families who have questions about any of the programs offered to the schools.


2360 N 52nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53222

Phone: 414-874-8566
Fax: 414-874-8565

Team Members

Pamela Hansen

Email: hansenpm@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Phone: 414-874-8518

Deb Krieger

Email: feldmedk@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Phone: 414-874-8563

Amy Nelson Christensen

Email: nelsona3@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Phone: 414-874-8584

Chauna Perry Finch

Email: perrycm@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Phone: 414-874-8407

Samuel Purdy

Email: purdysr@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Phone: 414-874-8564

Melissa Temke

Email: millerma@milwaukee.k12.wi.us
Phone: 414-874-8567


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