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PBIS Resources

All MPS schools are fully implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) practices within their buildings. To help continue with our districtwide successes, we continue to encourage the sharing of all of our PBIS-related resources. Please feel free to use any of these resources in your building to help with your implementation of PBIS.

Please share any of your resources with your PBIS external coach so that others can benefit from them as well.

Resources and forms for school teams are located on the Teams Page.

PBIS Classroom Ideas/Best Practices

50 Ways to Praise a Student

100 Ways to Praise a Student

Ways to Praise a Child

Catalog of Compliments

Behavioral Intervention Strategies Ideas

Best Practices for Managing Student Behaviors

Blank Classroom Matrix

Danielson and PBIS

Classroom Intervention Plan Template

Classroom Procedures Worksheet (Examples)

Sample Classroom Acknowledgments and Consequences

Behavior Prevention Strategies

Effective Commands

Fist to Five Morning Check-in

Helping Hand Proactive Teaching Strategies

Increasing Compliance

Tier 1 Teacher Checklist Example

Tier 2 Teacher Checklist Example

Steps for Giving Classroom Requests

Teacher Cheat Sheet for PBIS Strategies

Voice-Level Chart Template

Characteristics of a PBIS Classroom

Schoolwide Behavior Lessons/Cool Tools

Arrival and Dismissal 1

Arrival and Dismissal 2

Arrival and Dismissal 3

Arrival and Dismissal 4

Arrival and Dismissal 5

Arriving on Time

Attendance and Absences

Auditorium 1

Auditorium 2

Auditorium 3

Auditorium 4

Auditorium 5

Auditorium 6

Auditorium 7

Auditorium 8

Auditorium 9

Auditorium 10

Auditorium 11

Auditorium 12

Auditorium 13

Auditorium 14

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

Bathroom 4

Bathroom 5

Bathroom 6

Bathroom 7

Bathroom 8

Bathroom 9

Bathroom 10

Bathroom 11

Bathroom 12

Bathroom 13

Bathroom 14

Bathroom 15

Be Respectful to Adults

Booster Buddies Activity

Bullying Pledge

Bullying PPT (Multiple Activities)

Bully Prevention Chant

Bus 1

Bus 2

Bus 3

Bus 4

Bus 5

Bus 6

Bus 7

Bus 8

Bus 9

Bus 10

Cafeteria 1

Cafeteria 2

Cafeteria 3

Cafeteria 4

Cafeteria 5

Cafeteria 6

Cafeteria 7

Cafeteria 8

Cafeteria 9

Cafeteria 10

Cafeteria 11

Cafeteria 12

Cafeteria 13

Cell Phone

Choosing Your Words

Coming to School

Dressing for Gym

Engaging in Learning

Gym Expectations

Gym Expectations 2

Gym Materials

Following Directions

Generic Staff Kick-off

Hallways 1

Hallways 2

Hallways 3

Hallways 4

Lifelong Expectations

Note Passing


Student Kick-off Stations

Student Kick-off PPT

Playground 1

Playground 2

Playground 3

Playground 4

Playground 5

Playground 6

Playground 7

Playground 8

Playground 9

Positive Self-talk

Respect of Others

Ropes Course

Safe Dismissal

Stairwell 1

Stairwell 2

Summer Safety

Tardy 1

Classroom Behavior Lessons/Cool Tools

Ability to Focus

Arriving at Class Prepared

Arriving at Class on Time


Class Dismissal


Completing and Turning in Work

Dismissal in Classroom

Getting Your Coat

Giving a Compliment

Hands and Feet to Yourself

Inappropriate School Items


Listening to Adults

Listening to Adults 2

Listening to Adults 3

Raising Your Hand

Raising Your Hand 2

Responsibility in the Classroom

Responsibility in the Classroom 2

Staying in Your Seat

Talking in Class

Throwing Away Breakfast


Kind Words

Kinds Words 2

Technology Lab

Working in Small Groups

Working Quietly and Sharing Materials

Teaching Minute Videos (from UWM)

Mental Health Classroom Strategies Videos (from Rogers in Health)

PBIS in the Curriculum

Character-Building Writing Prompts (© Jo Ann Kuharske)

Activity Packet on Courage

Aesop Fable on Fitting In

Aesop Fable on Manners

Aesop Fable on Unity

Character Education - Ethics

Circle the Word - Manners

Circle the Word - Manners (2)

Fill in the Blank Word - Manners

Group and Label Behaviors

High School Writing Prompts

Elementary Books with PBIS Themes

Recognizing PBIS in Stories

Various PBIS Writing Prompts

Word Search - Character

Word Search - Manners

Word Search - Positive Character

Unscramble Words - Manners

Word Wall - Manners

Writing Prompt - Breaking the Rules

Writing Prompt - Confessing

Writing Prompt - Laughing at a Student

Writing Prompt - Morals

Writing Prompt - Teasing

Writing Prompt - Temper


50 Ways to Praise a Student

100 Ways to Praise a Student

Ways to Praise a Child

Catalog of Compliments

High School Matrix Example 1

High School Matrix Example 2 (Punctuality)

Elementary Matrix 1

Elementary Matrix 2

Elementary Matrix 3

Elementary Matrix 4

Elementary Matrix 5

Elementary Matrix 6

Elementary Matrix 7

Elementary Matrix 8

Elementary Matrix 9

Elementary Matrix 10

Elementary Matrix 11

Sample Donation Letter

Schoolwide Bingo

Suggestions for Funding

Summary of a School Acknowledgment System

Elementary Acknowledgment System Explanation Example

Adult Acknowledgment Matrix

Free/Cheap Ideas

More Free/Cheap Ideas

Free Classroom Acknowledgment Sheet

Menu of Acknowledgment Ideas

Staff Compliment Corner


Positive and Negative Consequences

Incident Referral Guidelines

T-Chart and Referral Process (Elementary)

Elementary T-Chart Example 1

Elementary T-Chart Example 2

Elementary T-Chart Example 3

Elementary T-Chart Example 4

Elementary T-Chart Example 5

High School T-Chart Example 1

High School T-Chart Example 2

High School T-Chart Example 3

High School T-Chart Example 4

High School T-Chart Example with Referral Process

High School T-Chart Example Intervention Ideas

Infractions Definitions

Middle School Intervention Ideas

T-Chart with Intervention Ideas

T-Chart with Strategies


Arrival Poster

Bathroom Poster 1

Bathroom Poster 2

Dismissal Poster

Drinking Fountain Poster

Hallways Poster 1

Hallways Poster 2

Hallways Poster 3

Library Poster

Lunchroom Poster

Playground Poster

Respect Poster

Responsibility Poster

Various School Posters

Staff Expectations Poster

Voice-Level Poster Template

Voice-Level Poster Example 1

Voice-Level Poster Example 2


Blank Classroom Matrix

Elementary Expectation Matrix Example 1

Elementary Expectation Matrix Example 2

Elementary Expectation Matrix - with Classroom

Parent Expectations

Parent Guardian Matrix

Family Engagement

Family Resources Page

WI RtI Center Family Engagement Resources

PBIS.ORG Family Resources

PBIS.ORG Family Engagement Checklist

Positive Behaviors at Home

Epstein's Six Types of Family Involvement

Letter to Parents Example

Attendance Letter Home

Effects of Family Involvement

Family Involvement in RtI

Generic School-Specific Brochure

Good Note Home

Generic School-Specific Brochure - Spanish

PBIS Introduction Letter

Parent Matrix

Parent Matrix (2)

Parent Matrix with Attendance as a Responsible Behavior

Parent Expectations

Parent Guardian Matrix

PBIS Brochure

Home Expectations

Home Expectations - Spanish

Family Involvement Flyer

School-Specific Letter

School-Specific PBIS Overview

Spanish Letter Home

Example Parent Letter

Parent Expectations Matrix (with Attendance)

Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families

Schools, Families, and Response to Intervention (from RtI Action Network)

E-Book: A Parent's Guide to Response to Intervention

 Substitute Information

Generic PBIS Explanation for Substitute Teacher (Cougar Code)

Check-In/Check-Out Explanation for Substitute Teacher

PBIS Letter for Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teacher Behavior Lesson

Substitute Teacher Behavior Packet

Substitute Teacher Superstar Acknowledgment (Explanation)

Tier 2 Check-In/Check-Out (CICO)

CICO Fidelity of Implementation Checklist

CICO Decision-Making Flowchart

CICO Task List

CICO Action Plan

Student Agreement Example

High School CICO Framework Example

Exit Survey for Students

Generic Progress Letter to Parents

Greeter/Mentor Checklist Example

Teacher Checklist Example

Student Contract Example

Teacher Information Sheet Example

Teacher Instructions Example

Things to Say at Check-in

Parent Letter - Updating Behavior Progress Monitoring

What Responsible Mentoring Looks Like (Example)

RtI and Infinite Campus Guide

Tier 2 Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG)

Elementary DPR

Weekly DPR

Weekly DPR (2)

Generic Letter Home

Parent Letter Example

Parent Letter Example (2)

Parent Letter Example (3)

Parent Letter - Spanish

SAIG Action Plan

SAIG Fidelity of Implementation Checklist

Tier 2 Behavior Assessment/Intervention Plan (BAIP)

BAIP Pathway

BAIP Pathway Definitions

BAIP Teacher Interview

Practice Activity 1

Practice Activity 2

PBIS Illinois FBA Training PowerPoint

Example BAIP - Student Refuses to Transition

Example BAIP - Student Refuses to Do Work

Example BAIP - Constant Moving

Example BAIP - Aggressive Behavior

Example BAIP - Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

Example BAIP - Disruptive Defiant Behavior in the Classroom

Example BAIP - Disruptive Behavior (Includes Teacher Interview Form)

Example BAIP - Noncompliant Behavior

Example BAIP - Talking Out

Screening and Daily Progress Reports (DPR)

Student Risk Screening Scale

Bus DPR with Rubric

K4 Daily Report (Visual)

K4 Daily Schedule

CICO and SAIG Example

Weekly Summary Postcard Home

Early Childhood Example

Elementary Check-in Rubric

Elementary Example

Middle School by Block

One Score per Period Example

Faces on DPR

Elementary SAIG DPR


​SAIG Weekly DPR (2)

Early Childhood Weekly (on One Sheet)

High School Daily Example

High School Check-in Rubric

High School Online Rubric (Excel Document Shared on ShareDrive)

With Attendance as Responsible Behavior

High School Weekly by Classroom

Middle School Example

Middle School Example - 4 Expectations

Middle School Example - Small DPR

Middle School Example - Half Page

Primary Grades Example

Responsible Behavior - Attendance Only

Student Self-Check Rubric

The Eagle Has Landed - Attendance Scorecard

Good Note Home

Parent Letter - Updating Behavior Progress Monitoring

Weekly Classroom DPR

Weekly Summary

Excel Weekly Summary for All Students (to Assist with Data Entry)

Tier 3 Interventions

FBA/BIP Resources

Educational Wraparound Resources

RENEW Resources

MPS Parent Information Brochures - Created in Collaboration with WI FACETS

RtI Literacy

RtI Literacy (in Spanish)

RtI Framework

PBIS Framework

RtI Framework (Spanish)

PBIS Framework (Spanish)

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices Continuum of Supports

Restorative Practices Embedded within a Tiered System of Support

Attendance as a Responsible Behavior

(within PBIS Framework)


Director of the Department of Research, Assessment, and Data:

Dr. Melanie Stewart
Phone: 414-475-8751


RtI/PBIS Supervisor:

Jon Jagemann
Phone: 414-475-8645 

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