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School Governance Councils

Every school has a School Governance Council (SGC) that enables parents, staff, students, and the community to work together in facilitating quality educational plans that produce continuous improvement of student achievement.

The purpose of a SGC is to provide a forum for parents, teachers, community members, students and principals to work together in providing continued analysis and improvement of public school policies, curriculum, school improvement plan goals, and general student well-being.

Each MPS school has a SGC consisting of parents (51%), a student (K-8, middle, and high schools), community representatives, school staff members, and the principal.

2015-2016 School Governance Council Survey




  1. The administrator facilitates consensus building during the development of an effective school improvement plan.
  2. The administrator facilitates consensus building during the development of the school budget.
  3. The administrator facilitates consensus building in the allocation of resources to support the school improvement plan and student achievement.

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