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Dispute Resolution Form

Dispute Resolution Form

Click on the complaint categories below to view examples of complaints for that area:

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Examples of academics complaints may include:

  • I am concerned with the health curriculum because the teacher is presenting information on hygiene to my child in the 4th grade.
  • I am concerned that my high school child has to take a class on civic.  Do students really need to pass a citizenship test?
  Community Learning Center/After-School Program

Examples of Community Learning Center/after-school program complaints may include:

  • Afterschool staff have not returned my call/email
  • Concerns with afterschool program discipline
  • Not being satisfied with the quality of the afterschool program

Examples of enrollment complaints may include:

  • I didn’t get a letter telling me what school my child will attend
  • I could not complete the online application
  • I would like to apply to a specific school
  School Staff

Examples of school staff complaints may include:

  • School administrative staff is unwilling to meet with me to discuss my concerns
  • I didn’t like the way the staff talked to me or my child
  • The teacher is not communicating with me. 

Examples of suspension complaints may include:

  • My child came home “suspended” and I did not receive a phone call notification
  • The suspension was too harsh/underserved
  • The school said my child was suspended, but I didn’t get a written notice.
  Special Education/Section 504

Examples of special education/section 504 complaints may include:

  • Disagreements with an IEP team determination that a student has a disability.
  • Disputes about the classroom supports/accommodations needed to address a child’s disability
  • Complaints about whether the student is reliably receiving the services written in the IEP.

Dispute Resolution

Submit your complaint using the form below. The complaint will be routed to the appropriate area and they will be in contact with you regarding your concerns.

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