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2 For You

2 For You

Food Service

School BusPair two part-time jobs into a full day of work

  • Are you a job seeker who needs flexible work?
  • Are you a part-time employee looking for more hours?

2 For You combines two part-time positions into a bigger paycheck! This program allows employees to work in their choice of two popular areas.

  • Building Services
  • Food Service
  • Bus Driver (through MPS partners)

How 2 For You works

building engineerPick two career areas and build a schedule to work both jobs. You might:

  • Drive a bus in the morning, serve lunch in a school, then drive an afternoon bus.
  • Work in food service during lunch, then building services in the afternoon.
  • Pick a job – or two – that work around college classes.

Who is eligible?

  • Adults (age 18 and older)

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