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Frequently Asked Questions

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  Where do I find out what projects MPS/Facilities and Maintenance has out for bid?

Facilities advertises its projects in the Daily Reporter, national plan rooms, and in various local newspapers.  All projects currently bidding can also be viewed online through Facilities plan distribution firm, A/E Graphics.  Visit the A/E Graphics website and click on the Online Planroom for a listing of all projects that are currently out for bid.

  How do I get on a bidder’s list?

Facilities does not maintain a list of bidders for its projects.  You can sign up for notifications of when projects are released for bid through the City of Milwaukee’s E-Notify system.

  Where do I find out what HUB, COIN and Student Participation requirements are?

Each project that includes these requirements will state the required participation amounts in the official advertisement and in the project specifications.  For more information on what these requirements are, please contact MPS’ Contract Compliance Services at

  Are bonds required on MPS projects?

All projects that have a bid cost in excess of $10,000 are required to have a 100% performance and payment bond.  Projects in excess of $50,000 must also include a 10% bid bond.

  Are union/prevailing wages required to be paid on MPS projects?

Yes - MPS has a Wage Rate Determination #201400012 issued by the State of Wisconsin for all MPS projects. Visit the Department of Workforce Development for more information.

  I’m a subcontractor and would like to submit my bid to a general contractor for a project – where can I get a plan holders list?

A list of all firms that have obtained plans for all projects currently bidding can be viewed online through Facilities plan distribution firm, A/E Graphics.  Visit A/E Graphics website and click on the Online Planroom, the project, and then the Plan Holders tab.

  I see projects that refer to bids and some that refer to quotations - what’s the difference between the two?

Projects that include a specifications manual, drawings and a yellow Bid Form are typically provided where the contract work is expected to exceed $50,000.  For smaller projects and things like equipment purchases, a Request for Quotation is used which includes a small front end of requirements and a simplified Quotation Form.


Phone: 414-283-4600
Fax: 414-283-4682


Travis R. Luzney, P.E.


Carrie Ludwig,
     Building Operations

Sean Kane,
     Design & Construction

Joe Gorecki, P.E.,
     Maintenance &  Repair


Facilities and Maintenance is responsible for coordinating the bidding of construction, repair and maintenance contracts along with the purchase of construction, repair and maintenance related materials and vehicles. 

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