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Guide Specifications for Contractors

These are the guide specifications for contractors working with Milwaukee Public Schools Department of Facilities and Maintenance Services. To obtain the specifications, click the download links below, which are sorted out by disciplines. A zipped folder will be downloaded containing all the specifications needed. 

Download the table of contents for a complete list of the guide specifications.

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Download Guide Specs for Contractors

Guide Specifications - Table Of Contents

This is the Table of Contents for Guide Specifications (Last Upload 10/31/2017).


Division 0 Specs

Division 0 Guide Specifications include Instruction to Bidders Section B & C, Standard General Conditions of the Contract, Substitution Request Form, Environmental Compliance Sections for Elementary & Non-Elementary Schools, and Contract Compliance Services Participation Plan (Last Upload 1/23/18).


Architectural Specs

These are the Architectural Guide Specifications (Last Upload 10/31/2017).


Fire Protection Specs

This is the Fire Protection Guide Specifications for Contractors - Division 15300 (Last Upload 10/31/2017).


Plumbing Specs

This is the Plumbing Guide Specifications for Contractors - Division 15400 (Last Rev. 10/31/2017).


HVAC Specs

This is the HVAC Guide Specifications Contractors - Division 15500 (Last Rev. 10/31/2017).


Electrical Specs

This is the Electrical Guide Specifications for contractors -Division 16000 (Last Upload 10/31/2017).


Low Voltage

This is the Low Voltage Guide Specifications for Contractors (Last Upload 10/31/2017).



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