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Our commitment to safety and to you

Dear MPS Family,

It has been a week and our thoughts and prayers remain with the staff, families, and students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It has joined the unimaginable list of communities known for the violent actions of one individual on one day.

In Milwaukee Public Schools, the safety of our children, staff, and visitors is our highest priority. Schools are safe places where the next generation learns and begins to chart its future.

We have always had many measures in place to protect our students, staff, and schools. I want to share some of those with you now to reassure you MPS is doing everything possible to keep our students and staff safe.

  • All MPS schools have a single main entrance that is locked at all times. Visitors must be buzzed into the building. Each main entrance has a camera, allowing staff to see a visitor. Staff have the ability to deny entry to the building, if they have concerns.
  • Visitors are required to check in at the safety desk or main office. Visitors are also issued a visitor badge that they must display at all times.
  • Each school has a safety plan tailored to the needs of that building and community. Staff conducts safety drills monthly.
  • MPS participates in active shooter drills with the support of local law enforcement and other first responders.
  • There are more than 2,500 cameras located in MPS buildings and properties. More are being added on a regular basis.
  • Our professionally-trained school safety staff are prepared to help schools deal with a variety of situations.
  • We have a close working relationship with the Milwaukee Police Department and Milwaukee Fire Department. Our regular communication gives us the ability to work together quickly and collaboratively, when needed.
  • We take any threat seriously. We immediately notify the Milwaukee Police Department and work together to investigate the threat.  

We continually look for ways to improve our security measures and our school safety plans are under constant review.

An important action we can take to keep people safe is within each one of us. If you see something – say something. If you hear something – tell a trusted adult. If someone threatens to harm themselves or others – take the threat seriously and tell someone. 

Thank you for your support of MPS and our children.


Dr. Darienne B. Driver

Superintendent of Schools

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Office of the Superintendent

Dr. Posley

Dr. Keith P. Posley is Interim Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools. 

As Interim Superintendent, Dr. Posley works with the Milwaukee Board of School Directors and district leadership to improve student achievement; engage in effective and efficient operations that make best use of district resources; and, develop opportunities to increase parental and community involvement.

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