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Media Awareness: The Basics of Advertising (Grades 6-8)

Students will develop a basic understanding of the influence that advertising exerts on them through the media and use principles of art and design to create their own advertisement.

Year of the Arts Community Arts Partner Directory

Please take some time to consider ways that community partners can help provide professional development for teachers, meaningful arts experiences for students, and engagement opportunities for families. We sincerely appreciate our community arts partners and know that this work is made stronger and deeper through their efforts!

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Research and Advocacy Resources

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  Year of the Arts Goals

  • Promote and celebrate the arts.
  • Develop a pipeline to recruit and retain arts instructors.
  • Make connections between history and culture through the arts.
  • Encourage arts integration within and outside the classrooms.
  • Build support for MPS arts programs and schools to be sure that EVERY student is afforded quality arts opportunities.

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Year of the Arts

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What Are the Arts?

  • Culinary arts
  • Dance
  • Literary arts
  • Music
  • Media arts
  • Theater
  • Visual arts
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