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Rules for the Media Arts Showcase Project Submission are few, but must all be followed or the project will not be accepted. The rules fall into the following categories:

  • Project Type:

    • “I Got This” Video - student generated, teacher supported, instructional video about something students are learning in class (expository style) - eligible projects will judged as part of the Media Arts Showcase.

    • “They Got This” Video - student generated, teacher supported, video telling the story of a community organization or individual (narrative style) - eligible projects will judged as part of the Media Arts Showcase.

    • “Exhibition” - Student generated, teacher or community partner supported, video - not eligible for Media Arts Showcase judging.

  • Project Length:

    • “I Got This” Video - 90 seconds, or less, with additional 30 seconds for credits

    • “They Got This” Video - 3 minutes, or less, with additional 30 seconds for credits

    • “Exhibition” - Under 10 minutes total

  • Content

    • Videos containing crude or vulgar material will not be accepted - all videos must be approved by a teacher before submission.

  • Teacher Nomination

    • A teacher must nominate the video - either by personally linking it to the Submission Form OR allowing students to use their contact information be attached to the submission

  • Copyrighted material

    • All images, video, and audio must be copyright friendly (licensed for reuse and modification, or similar copyright) and only obtained from Media Arts Showcase approved websites (found at Creative Commons)

    • Videos containing audio, images or videos that are not copyright friendly will be not be accepted

  • Citations

    • All media used, including that generated by students, must be properly cited in the credits portion of the video submission, following approved appropriate formats (link to approved formats)

  • Release Forms

  • Project Submission File Type

    • .mp4 is the approved format

    • Naming convention for videos: name of project, name of project lead, separated by underscore character (Adding_Fractions_by_Joe_Smith.mp4)

  • Submission Rules

    • 1 project per student, per category (Joe Smith could submit one project in the “I Got This!” category, one in the “They Got This”, and one in the “Exhibition” Category).

  • Scoring

  • Submitting Projects

    • Videos must be cloud based with a URL that can be copied and pasted into a Google Form

    • If .mp4 saved on a local computer, upload it to Google Drive, then “Share” the link

    • Make sure Lead Student contact information (MPS Email Account) & Nominating Teacher information (MPS Email Account) is provided

    • Final Submissions due March 23, 2018

  • Feedback

    • If accepted, the Lead Student and Nominating Teacher will be informed

    • If not accepted, the Media Arts Showcase Committee may return video with suggestions for resubmission

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