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All project submissions that meet the requirements will be eligible to be judged for the Showcase.


Critics' Choice Videos will be judged with the following scoring system:

  • Clarity of Information (18 points)
    • Does the video clearly explain the topic in "I Got This!" Video, or provide clear and pertinent information in Service-Learning Video?
    • Can the viewer follow the expository or narrative style of the video?
  • Creativity (18 points)
    • Does your video use an interesting and novel way to capture the viewers attention? Is there a unique "voice"? Is digital media used in ways that are innovative?
  • Technical Aspects (10 points)
    • Are the basic elements of lighting, balanced sound, clear spoken word, steady camera work, focused images, etc. present?
  • Citation/Credits/Titles
    • Are all works cited in the credits? Are titles clear? Do the credits and titles assist the viewer in understanding the videos purpose.

Viewers' Choice Videos

  • The top vote-getters in each category, "I Got This!" and Service-Learning, will receive the Viewers' Choice Award.


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