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Artists of the Month

Our March Artists of the Month will be announced in May. Help us recognize members of our community who have made contributions to the arts by filling out our nomination form.

As Milwaukee Public Schools celebrates the Year of the Arts,  we will recognize a student, staff member, and community partner for their efforts in promoting and celebrating the arts.

To nominate an Artist of the Month, please fill out this form

February Artist of the Month - Student

Destiny Mitchell
Milwaukee School of Languages

Destiny is a very promising young musician. When not spending her time flying high for rebounds or drawing emotionally inspired portraits, she expresses her art through playing cello and piano. Destiny began playing seriously only in middle school and has been praised by her music teachers at Milwaukee School of Languages for her exceptional talent. She has even taken advantage of opportunities to work with teachers privately so that she can continue progressing outside of class. Destiny is incredibly invested in her own personal development and is empowered by it. That's what makes her special. That's what makes her unique. She perseveres because that's what her heart really wants: freedom in the arts. She is her best self when she is creating.


February Artist of the Month - Staff Member

Kelly Moe-Rossetto
George Washington Carver Academy

Ms. Moe-Rossetto is a phenomenal art teacher and has become an integral part of Carver Academy’s culture and family. Ms. “Moe” excels at getting all students involved with and sharing her passion for art on a daily basis. She accomplishes this through her tireless efforts to adapt art concepts to individual classrooms and students, which is a pure delight to see in action. Ms. Moe also ensures that Carver’s hallways are always showcasing students’ latest work – bursting with different colors, mediums, and techniques. Her impact at Carver extends far beyond the art classroom as well. She never backs away from an opportunity to lend a hand, and she is constantly spreading joy and happiness to those around her with warm words or by bringing the occasional surprise treat to help brighten someone’s day. For these reasons and more, her co-workers believe that Ms. Moe is more than deserving of recognition, and we are very proud to have her talents at Carver Academy.


February Artist of the Month - Community Partner

Cecilio "Ceeloe" Negron, Jr.
Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

WCM Conservatory Connections  faculty since 2005, Cecilio “Ceeloe” Negron, Jr., born and raised in Milwaukee, comes from a family of musicians and performers whose lineage can be traced to Puerto Rico and further back to Africa and Spain. During his childhood, both his father and uncle played major roles in the Midwest music scene as musicians, promoters, and bandleaders, and Cecilio started his music studies at the age of five at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. While in high school, he studied in the school music program and learned music theory, how to read music, and drum set and concert percussion; he earned top honors in solo and state competitions. Cecilio began playing professionally by the age of 16, and at 21 he embarked on his solo career, working to develop himself as an artist and teacher. In 2000, Cecilio started working with Milwaukee Public Theatre, teaching arts residencies, drumming, and touring in several theater productions. Now Cecilio can be found performing with many successful local and national acts, and he has an extensive resume of performances at numerous local and national community centers, schools, businesses, arenas, clubs, music venues, and private events. Working with several arts organizations, Cecilio currently designs, manages, and facilitates his own musical ensembles, drumming workshops, drum circles, drum and dance residencies, drum-making workshops, educational presentations, and musical performances.

  Year of the Arts Goals

  • Promote and celebrate the arts.
  • Develop a pipeline to recruit and retain arts instructors.
  • Make connections between history and culture through the arts.
  • Encourage arts integration within and outside the classrooms.
  • Build support for MPS arts programs and schools to be sure that EVERY student is afforded quality arts opportunities.

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Year of the Arts

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What Are the Arts?

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  • Dance
  • Literary arts
  • Music
  • Media arts
  • Theater
  • Visual arts
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