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Research and Development conducts the majority of district-wide surveys, include the Culture and Climate Survey, Senior Exit Survey, and more to support district-led initiatives.

Culture and Climate Survey

For over 10 years, MPS has conducted a Climate Survey of all staff, students, and parents.
Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, the survey will be modified to better meet the needs of the district. The School Culture and Climate Survey (SCCS) will obtain feedback from school staff and students around what they think, do, and experience in their school.
The SCCS will be conducted in the spring of 2015.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is a research survey that asks students about nutrition, physical activity, sexual behaviors, and tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. Results are used to measure how many students practice health-risk behaviors and to create school health programs to help reduce these behaviors.
The YRBS will be conducted in spring of 2015.

Senior Exit Survey

The Senior Exit Survey (SES) provides MPS with a rich source of information on students’ future goals, aspirations, and perceptions of their experiences as MPS students specific to college and career readiness. The SES also identifies areas in which key steps in the process of preparing for college and careers may not have been fulfilled, which allows the district to focus on key areas of need.

The SES will be conducted in April and May of 2015.


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