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Research & Evaluation

The Division of Research & Evaluation, housed in the Office of Innovation & Information, fosters an environment that encourages the pursuit of research, development, and innovative programs through a variety of services that support grant development, program evaluation, identification of best practices and data driven decision-making.

The Division of Research & Evaluation:

  • Provides data support and analysis for district and school staff;
  • Coordinates the research application process;
  • Administers district-wide surveys; and
  • Conducts and provides support for evaluations.

Annual Report

The 2015-2016 Annual Report for Research & Evaluation is now available.  The report includes details on the various departments/organizations Research & Evaluation worked with and the types of work completed by the department. 

Research Review Series

There will be no Research Review for the month of April. 

External Evaluators (formerly RFP 464) 

Milwaukee Public Schools may request services from external partners for program evaluations or research projects. If you are interested in being placed on a list of external parters to perform these functions, please complete this brief survey.  You will be asked to provide background information of your organization, qualifications and training of staff, experience, and references. 

Would you like to receive announcements about our monthly Research Reviews and other research-related topics?   If so, please complete the form below.





Manager II:
Marc Sanders

Phone: 414-475-8570

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