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Eight Big Ideas

Eight Big Ideas

Since July 2014, MPS has worked to develop and refine a comprehensive plan to improve student outcomes. The plan has two main elements: Eight Big Ideas, a series of organizational-wide strategies to reinforce key efforts; and a regional development effort to increase the number of high-performing seats throughout the district while creating learning pathways for students and families and also improving the capacity of quality community support activities.

The Milwaukee Board of School Directors directed goals – Academic Achievement; Student, Family and Community Engagement; and, Effective and Efficient Operations – guide all district efforts.

To achieve these goals, the district developed eight strategic objectives, all linked together to create a cohesive and interdependent plan. These objectives are reinforced by the district’s budget process, and together ensure that key programs and projects are aligned, prioritized and funded in service of students.

Academic Achievement


Closing the gapClose the Gap

MPS is a national symbol of excellence for educating all students, providing a rigorous academic program that ensures equitable opportunities for all children to reach their full potential.

Educating the Whole ChildEducate the Whole Child

MPS provides a nurturing, consistent and validating experience for every child so that both educational and social-emotional needs are met.


Redefining the MPS experienceRedefine the MPS Experience

Every MPS school provides robust co/extracurricular experiences that engage and inspire every child.


Rethinking high schoolsRethink High Schools

Every MPS student graduates on time with a personalized pathway to success in college, career and life.


Student, Family and Community Engagement


Re-envisioning partnershipsRe-envision Partnerships

MPS cultivates and maintains mutually beneficial partnerships and collective impact efforts to maximize resources that promote greater student outcomes.


Communication and outreachStrengthen Communications Systems & Outreach Strategies

The community is engaged in, understands and supports the work of MPS and families choose our district as a trusted and valued education provider.


Effective and Efficient Operations


Workforce DevelopmentDevelop our Workforce

As an organization respected for supporting diverse, healthy, highly skilled and engaged employees, MPS is an employer of choice.


Organizational ProcessesImprove Organizational Processes

MPS is a leader in using best practices, systems and processes equitably and efficiently to align and maximize resources in support of our strategic objectives.

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