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Member at Large -- Terry Falk

Terry Falk, Member at LargeElected to the Board in 2007 to the 8th District seat of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, Terry Falk previously had served as an MPS English and speech teacher for more than thirty years. In 1997, he coached Juneau High School to a state debate title, the first ever for an MPS debate team. Falk has also written professionally for magazines such as Milwaukee Magazine, Science, and Wisconsin Trails. His wife, Janet, is a retired art teacher who taught in a local Catholic school. Both his son and his daughter are graduates of MPS—Juneau High School.

Terry was elected to the Board's at-large seat in April 2011.

Terry believes that education happens in the classroom, not the boardroom, and the policies of this district must be focused on supporting education at the classroom level. That means supporting good teachers, keeping class sizes manageable, and fostering a well rounded education of basics skills, critical thinking, and creativity within a safe and nurturing school environment.

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