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District #3 -- Michael Bonds

Michael BondsElected to the Board in April 2007, Michael Bonds has served as a senior fiscal review analyst for the City of Milwaukee, giving him extensive experience in research, public policy analyses and fiscal analyses. He also served as an associate professor in the community education program at UWM. He has particular interest in and knowledge of community development issues, federal grants for community-based organizations and city agencies such as Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, urban problems and policies, race and ethnicity, history of African-American education, and the distribution of scarce public resources.

Bonds's research interests include community development issues, community problems and urban policies and analysis, public resource distributions, and issues related to African-American education. He earned an M.S. in urban affairs, an M.P.A. in public administration, and a Ph.D. in urban studies from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Dr. Bonds served as the Board's president from April 2009 until he stepped down in April 2016.

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