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Whistleblower Procedures

The Districts whistleblower process urges all members of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, employees, independent contractors, and volunteers to report any known or suspected violation of legal, criminal, policy or ethical nature. All violations or suspected violations may be reported to the President of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, Management of the Office of Accountability and Efficiency, or the Superintendent.

The procedure guarantees that no action will be taken against any Board member, employee, or volunteer who makes a good faith complaint. All complaints will be treated as confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the parameters of adequate investigation.

A complaint can be filed with the Chief of Accountability and Efficiency Officer by phone at (414) 475-8925 or by email at

View the District Whistleblower Protection Policy



Office of Accountability & Efficiency
5225 W. Vliet Street Room 216
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Phone: 414-475-8925

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