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Audit Services

Audit ServicesThe audit function of the Milwaukee Public Schools is an integral part of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors' decision-making process. Audit Services is responsible for conducting performance and financial audits and for ensuring that the district fully accounts for its activities including: justification of programs that use public resources; economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of resource identification, acquisition, and application; and the effect of resource application.

Audits are performed in accordance with the Annual Plan of Audits, which is approved by the Board.  Special audits are also performed, when needed.

The MPS Audit Services function undergoes a peer review, whereby a review of the department's internal quality control system is assessed in order to provide reasonable assurance of Audit Services' compliance with Government Auditing Standards. The most recent peer review and Audit Services' response are available for public inspection.

Audit Services Staff

Phone: 414-475-8262
Fax: 414-475-8072
Fraud Hotline: 414-777-7878


Board Clerk / Chief Officer, Office of Board Governance
Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D.

Paul E. Geib, Performance Audit Manager
Phone: 414-475-8314

Carlos T. "Tom" de Arteaga, Performance Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8234

Nita F. Farrow, Performance Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8831

Michael J. Lieske, Performance Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8501

Alberto Adame,  Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8229

Yusaid Moua, Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8832

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