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MPS Enrollment Bus Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

enrollment busBy Brian Foley, Web Content Specialist

Milwaukee Public Schools Interim Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley unveiled the district’s new enrollment buses at the first annual kickoff event on Wednesday, June 27.

MPS Board members, school leaders, state representatives, local public officials, community leaders, Milwaukee Teachers Education Association members, and other neighbors were present to send off the buses and show support for Milwaukee’s children. The Bay View High School drumline, as well as mascots from several MPS schools, provided entertainment in the lead-up to the event.

Throughout June and July, MPS will send these buses across the city to enroll children for the 2018-19 school year. Milwaukee families will be able to learn about the quality educational options for their children and enroll students from the comfort and convenience of their own neighborhood.

"It is critical that we better engage with the families and communities of our city. We have 160 school options in MPS and serve more than 77,000 students," Posley said. "There are many quality educational options to choose from in our schools. We want families to be able to easily enroll to start their children on a path to success."

MPS sent off 50 knowledgeable canvassers and volunteers to enroll several hundred additional students for the upcoming school year. These canvassers are experts on the enrollment process and will able to walk through the process with families face to face.

“I think the outreach in the neighborhoods shows an initiative that many students and parents haven’t seen,” Ashanti Hamilton, the District 1 alderman and Common Council president, said.

The district has used the door-to-door enrollment process for several years, but Posley is making it a key strategy this summer. Mark Sain, president of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, is optimistic about the results of this campaign.

‘We’ve found in the past that when we’ve gone out and talked to people about what MPS has to offer, families have responded,” Sain said. “A lot of families don’t understand the opportunities that MPS has, and when they find out about these programs, it intrigues them and [pushes] them MPS’ way.”

Families will receive enrollment and school information, along with details regarding transportation, Head Start services, bilingual education, and special education services.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Enrollment Bus Kickoff Event this year, and we look forward to seeing you at schools this fall!

For a list of neighborhood visits in your area, or to fill out an online enrollment application for the fall, visit our website

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