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Student-created ice cream to be a featured new flavor at Purple Door

Ice cream-making competition 2018 Milwaukee Public Schools and the The Bartolotta Restaurants hosted the second annual ice cream-making competition at James Madison Academic Campus on March 1, 2018. Four teams, for a total of more than 20 students, competed in this fun and educational contest from all four MPS culinary arts schools: Bay View High School, James Madison Academic Campus, Vincent High School, and Washington High School.

The ice cream competition featured celebrity judge Lauren Schultz, co-owner of Milwaukee’s beloved Purple Door Ice Cream. Additional judges included Jennifer Bartolotta, CEO of Train-2-Gain, Thomas Hauck, chef and owner of the c. 1880 restaurant, and Gregory Ogunbowale, principal of James Madison Academic Campus.

Ice cream-making competition 2018The winning ice cream was created by the team from James Madison Academic Campus, and consisted of maple ice cream with banana waffle, peanut butter and chocolate royaltine. The delicious winning flavor will be featured at Purple Door Ice cream and will be available for public purchase before the summer.

The MPS culinary arts program, which uses the ProStart® curriculum, was initiated to build broad career-readiness skills needed for post-high school success and to connect students to the restaurant and hospitality industry. The program is a great way for students to prepare for work in the industry and is valuable for teaching leadership and other skills transferable to postsecondary choices.

MPS began its culinary arts program last school year with approximately 325 students. Currently, the district has reached its goal of 480 students —332 first-year, and 148 second-year — in culinary arts programs at all four schools.


About The Bartolotta Restaurants

The Bartolotta Restaurants is the premiere restaurant group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin co-owned by brothers Joe and Paul Bartolotta. Joe is the visionary and leader of the company, while Paul is a two-time James Beard Foundation award-winning chef. Their first restaurant, Ristorante Bartolotta, opened in 1993, and today the group owns and operates 16 restaurants and catering facilities including six fine dining establishments, two upscale casual concepts, two upscale food courts, a pizzeria, a barbecue catering operation, a lakefront custard stand, and three exclusive catering facilities. In addition, the company has an operating agreement with three quick-casual restaurants in the Milwaukee airport. More information can be found at

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