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MPS marks improvement on state report card

Milwaukee Public Schools continues to make progress in improving the quality of education in the district. As shown on the 2016–17 Wisconsin District Report Card, released this week by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, MPS has increased its overall score slightly as compared to the 2015–16 report card.

The district remains in the Meets Few Expectations category, but made improvement in priority areas measured in the report card. Improvements were realized in both the Student Growth and Closing Gaps areas.

While district progress toward On-Track and Postsecondary Readiness remained the same, the district did see an uptick in the four-year graduation rate and a decrease in the dropout rate. The four-year graduation rate increased to 60.9 percent, up from 59.3 percent. The dropout rate declined to 5.1 percent in the 2016–17 school year compared to 5.7 percent the previous year.

“While we have improvements to celebrate, the areas of attendance, absenteeism, and improving academics continue to be major challenges for the district,” said MPS Superintendent Darienne B. Driver. “We have been and continue to devote significant time and resources in these key areas. We are focused on moving more students from below basic to basic and from basic to proficient.”

The district has added or expanded a number of initiatives designed to promote student achievement: expanded credit recovery options, enhanced Summer Academy, new College and Career Centers, standards-based report card grading, and a greater focus on equity including a new Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement.

Compared to the 2015-16 school report cards, more MPS schools now Significantly Exceed or Exceed Expectations. Four of the schools that failed to meet expectations have been closed: Universal, New School for Community Service, BEAM, and Community High School.

Thirty-four schools moved up one category and 81 remained in the same category as the previous year. Thirty-one schools declined one category as compared to last year’s report cards.

For more information about efforts MPS is engaged in to improve student achievement, visit the Initiatives & Strategic Planning section of the MPS website.

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