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Free glasses for 200 MPS students

MPS Students getting Glasses

The need for eyeglasses often goes undiagnosed in children and can make learning more difficult, so a partnership among Wisconsin Vision, the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, Milwaukee Public Schools and Prevent Blindness Wisconsin is working to improve the lives of students. In October, children at Kagel School and Westside Academy received vision screenings. This week, Wisconsin Vision returned to both schools to provide vision testing and allow students to pick out their own glasses

"A pair of glasses can make all the difference in a student’s ability to learn," said Dr. Darienne Driver, MPS Superintendent. "We want to thank Wisconsin Vision and the MTEA for their work to ensure our students can see clearly and actively participate in their classes."

"Undetected vision problems make learning difficult and stressful on students," said Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association President Kim Schroeder. "Vision can affect a student's attention span, reading comprehension, and behavior."

Beth Bush of Wisconsin Vision explained that Wisconsin Vision has partnered with MPS schools to provide glasses for several years now, and the needs can be extreme. “Each year, we identify some students who are legally blind without glasses," she said. Since the Clear Days Ahead program began in 2010, more than 800 pairs of glasses have been provided to MPS students.”

Students age 4 to 14 were intrigued by the equipment used to test their vision and excited about the variety of frames. Many were about to receive their first pair of glasses

and were eager to show them off to friends. Staff at both schools were grateful that learning would be easier and more enjoyable for students.

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