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MPS collaborates to build Facilities Master Plan

MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is working to create a new Long-range Facilities Master Plan. The district seeks a new plan to align with changes that have occurred within the last five or more years in our community. Developing this plan requires an understanding of the facility implications of the education mission, goals and programs of the district as well as significant input from students, families, staff, community members and partners.

A Long-range Facilities Master Plan will provide a cost effective, actionable plan to address the short- and long-term facility needs of the district. Drafting the plan will include a comprehensive analysis of education trends, school programming, capacity, building standards, operating costs and other factors. This information will be used to allocate resources and make decisions for the long-term, best interests of our students and community.

MPS seeks opinions and suggestions from students, families, staff, community members and partners. The district will use the insights and sentiments gathered to inform the plan’s development, establish priorities regarding MPS facilities, and make recommendations to the MPS Board of School Directors. MPS will also conduct walkthroughs at every school to determine the facility condition and the education adequacy of current learning environments.


MPS will host multiple community conversations throughout November.

• Wednesday, November 8 @ South Division High School

• Monday, November 13 @ Bay View High School

• Wednesday, November 15 @ Hopkins-Lloyd Community School

• Wednesday, November 29 @ James Madison Academic Campus

All events will take place from 6 to 7 p.m.


View the Facilities Master Plan Flyer by clicking here.

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