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Fire safety is highlighted throughout MPS

Fire prevention week at MPS

Having a safety plan and knowing how to escape a burning house are critical steps to survive a fire, so MPS students will learn fire safety during Fire Prevention Week. A national event that runs October 8 to 14 this year, activities are designed to make homes safer and help families prepare for emergencies. MPS kicked off the week at Milwaukee’s Survive Alive House on October 9 along with representatives from the Milwaukee Fire Department and City Hall.

On an annual basis, every second and fifth grader enrolled in MPS visits the Survive Alive House, and more than 375,000 children have experienced the fire safety program since its inception in 1992. As a result, Milwaukee’s fire-related fatalities among school-aged children have decreased dramatically. Milwaukee’s Survive Alive House is partially funded by the Foundation for the Milwaukee Fire Education Center and is jointly managed by the Milwaukee Fire Department and Milwaukee Recreation, a department of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Fire prevention week at MPS“Fire prevention education is critical to the safety of our children, families and the entire community. The commitment of our many partners, especially the Milwaukee Fire Department, provides essential active learning so students and families are prepared for emergencies,” said Dr. Darienne B. Driver, Superintendent of Schools.

Safety and support for families are critical pieces of MPS’ Eight Big Ideas to promote student achievement. Health and wellness — including safety — help students come to school ready to learn and then go home to a positive environment.

More information about fire safety for children and families is available on the Survive Alive Milwaukee website.

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